Scotland's Homecoming
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scotlands homecoming 09

In 2009 Scotland welcomes you to the year of Scotland's Homecoming

In 2009 Scotland welcomes home the genarations of Scots who settled abroad.Their will be many events to celebrate this occasion which also includes the 250th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns

Many people can trace their ancestry back to this beautiful country. If you are Visiting Scotland you will see a place at one with its past but also with the future. If you want to see Castles, or great landscapes , Scotland is the place to visit.

scotland homecoming 09

Robert Burns The Bard Robert Burns is Scotlands National Poet. Although he was born in Ayrshire he also spent time in Edinburgh. His poems are world renowned for the beautiful use of the Scots language. To see some selections click Here

Whisky Story Whisky, the water of life, is Scotland's premier export but also the only drink that is allowed to be called Scotch. There are opportunities in Scotland to see how Whisky is made and you are even welcome to buy the product to take home. An excellent day out, informative, and an experience to take home with you

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