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Visiting London

If you are in London and want to find the best and most exciting places to visit, the best shows and great nightlife, is here to be your tour guide. London is the most visited city in the UK and one of the worlds favourite destinations, it is easy to get around with its excellent underground system and frequent buses and trains.

You can live royally like a king in its five star establishments, shop in Harrods and eat in excellent restaurants, that reflect every culture. Alternatively if you are on a more modest budget, London has plenty for you from Travelodges to budget hotels and reasonably priced places to eat.

"If a man is tired of London he is tired of life for there is in London all that life can afford."
Samuel Johnson

Top travel tips for London

Travelling on the underground is cheaper if you buy an oyster card.

Buses only accept the correct change or an oyster card.

Take the Underground when travelling into London from Heathrow airport and save money. Heathrow express is 3 times as expensive.

Travel to City Airport when possible, it is very close to London City Centre.

Best atmosphere in the summer is around Covent Garden there are street cafes, street theatre and it is a great place to be.

Best place to shop for fashion Oxford Street and Regent Street.

Best place for electronics Tottenham Court Road.